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A large component of marketing is visual. When it comes to advertising your brand, the truth is you are competing for people’s attention in a world that is heavily distracted. A piece of striking visual advertisement is an effective way to capture attention and make an immediate and meaningful connection. Banners are a great tool to achieve this.

Our banners include:

People remember images. Colors make an impression. If you can catch your target audience’s eye and capture their attention, you’ve already got a winning strategy underway. Universal Graphics knows the effectiveness of visuals and prints a variety of indoor and outdoor signs. We use wide format printing to print low price and high-quality items. We specialize in full-color vinyl banners, which have a variety of benefits including:

Displaying Your Banner Effectively

Making the most of your visual advertisement consists of carefully considering location and purpose. The first thing to consider is where you plan on hanging your banner. Is it going to placed indoors or outdoors? Who is likely to see your sign? Answering these questions will help you make decisions regarding the material, the design, and how to frame your message. Depending on the space where it is displayed you might choose a vertical or horizontal orientation.

The second consideration is thinking about what you want people to take away from your message. Are you trying to sell a specific product or simply get your brand out there? Do you want people to know you’re having a sale? Images and colors create reactions. When well-structured and balanced with text, this piece of visual marketing can increase your visibility, compel people to read your message and make meaningful connections.

Part of what makes banners so exciting is their versatility in how they can be displayed. Of course, it all depends on where it will be displayed, for how long, and the kinds of weather conditions it must withstand. Consider displaying your banners in a variety of ways:

Custom Designs Available

Not sure where to start? Need help getting ideas for the best design? Universal Graphics has talented and creative in-house designers who can work with you to develop a better image. Our experienced graphic artists understand the importance of the visual construction, branding. and how crucial every detail is in order to convey the right message.

Why Choose Universal Banners?

You wouldn’t want your visual advertisement to be ineffective or give a wrong or inconsistent message. At Universal Graphics, we ensure the design is not only effective, but that it fits your branding, is visually striking, and contains a vibrant message. At the same time, you want a high-quality print, durable materials, and deep rich colors.

Our company has been in the business for several decades and understand the importance of promotional materials and digital marketing. Our goal is to see your business flourish and be best represented through printed materials, promotional materials, and visual marketing.

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