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Introduce Yourself In Style With Business Cards

Imagine handing out your business card to someone and immediately making a meaningful connection. Perhaps someone finds your business card on a table and is taken aback by the design and prompted to read the information. This is meaningful contact with potential customers. They might be instantly impressed or curious about what you do.

The card can be a spark that ignites interest or enthusiasm about your business. The momentary but immediate connection is a perfect opportunity to plant a seed, which might eventually grow into a sale or a loyal customer.

It might seem like a small detail but a business card can go a long way when it comes to connecting with customers and communicating important characteristics of your business. At Universal Graphics, we can design and print your next business card.

The Art of First Impressions

Early versions of business cards came in the form of ‘calling cards.’ These were usually carried by an upper-class gentleman in the early 20th century and were a form of social introduction. It was a way to introduce yourself in a refined, polite, and fashionable way.

The modern business card, of course, serves a slightly different purpose. They are not social calling cards but the idea is the same. The ultimate purpose is to create an impactful introduction and to provide the necessary information.

For a business card to be useful and effective you want the design to be representative of your business through color, style, and structure. The card should also contain important and pertinent contact information so that people can reach out to you.

The Functions of a Business Card

Business cards are an effective way to make a first impression on a potential customer. They essentially serve two purposes:

Different Styles

Despite the fact that a business card is usually no bigger than 3.5 X 2 inches, there are different possibilities and many creative options.


Landscape is the most standard design used and is the most common orientation. Portrait is the less common way to design business cards but can be effective if done correctly. The card is read longways and has a vertical design. Special cuts are little less common but can provide a certain amount of originality. Some people might choose, for example, a square cut and while it reduces the surface area of the card, it increases the appeal.

Paper Options

Not all business cards are printed on the same paper. The paper type can have a great effect on the character and appearance of the card. You can choose from 100# (14 pt) uncoated or coated paper. As far as business cards go, you have the option of thicker or thinner paper. This affects the weight and thickness of the card. Additionally, you can have a coated or uncoated business card. The coated option will have a smoother and shinier finish, while the uncoated will look more like regular paper and often has a vintage feel.

Color or No Color

Another consideration when designing business cards is whether to print them in black and white, color, or two color printing. You have several options including:

We Specialize in Business and Commercial Design

We want to help you tell your story. Our creative and knowledgeable design team will create a design that is stylish, effective, and representative of you and your business. Then, our professional staff and state of the art equipment will ensure that the printing and cutting of your cards are done right and with meticulous attention to detail.

Master the Art of Impressions with Universal Graphics

Universal Graphics is ready to make your business stand out. Master the art of first impressions. A business card might seem like a small detail but it can have a tremendous impact. Visit our shop located at 1217 Barranca, Suite B, or give us a call today at 915-591-8943. We look forward to helping you put your business on the map!