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Advertise in Style — Flyers in the Digital Age

Even in the digital age, paper and printed promotional materials still play a big role in inspiring customer curiosity and interest. Traditional forms of marketing are still highly effective in attracting new customers. Print marketing materials such as flyers have a great capacity for reaching new and different audiences. Not to mention, they make quite a great impression on potential customers through their appeal and design.

As promotional tools, flyers have several benefits:

How Flyers Make a Difference

Flyers are good for a variety of occasions and purposes. Their main attraction is that they are inexpensive and can get your business, cause, or company massive exposure. With one printed batch, your company can reach a couple of hundred people.

Businesses use flyers for a variety of purposes including:

The Flyer Resurgence

The printed flyer has a long history with spreading important messages. Many important announcements and messages were spread through the use of printed leaflets. As people discovered the power of the printing press and print materials, many political messages were spread in this way and spread through the masses. Perhaps the most famous in the U.S was Thomas Paine’s ‘Common Sense’, which inspired the revolutionary movement against Britain.

It wasn’t long before flyers began to be used for advertising and selling products or services. They are a powerful way of spreading a message or advertisement. Posters too were a part of this movement, which used the power of images to spread messages.

Whether it was to promote a musical concert, a new store coming to town, a political or religious message, or a special sale. In the last decade or so, media has largely gone digital, which has caused printed materials to become somewhat of a novelty. Given the rarity of printed materials, they now make more of an impact on people. After all, they are tangible and artistic objects that communicate something directly from the company to the consumer and this kind of personal connection is often lacking with online traffic.

Paper Options

You have a few options when it comes to paper for your flyers. The most popular when it comes to marketing material is the glossy and thicker paper. It is slicker and has a more refined look and finish. Think about the impact you want to make on your customers and how the paper might affect it.

Some of the paper options include:

Color Options

Print your flyers in full color for an incredibly rich and artistic effect. You can also print black and white flyers or choose to keep one or two main colors.

Get it Designed!

Not sure how to design your flyer? Have an idea but unsure of how to put it on paper? Universal Graphics’ professional and creative designers can help you create an artistic, professional, and eye-catching flyer that will attract customers.

We work with you to find the perfect balance and message. Perhaps you have an idea of what you want it to look like but are unsure as to how to make it happen. Our designers will work with you to bring that design to life.

The Universal Graphics Difference

They might seem like a small detail, but flyers can play a large role in giving your company new visibility. If you’re looking to connect with new customers and make an impression on a large group of people, then consider printing a well-designed flyer that represents your company or business. Whether you need an entire design or some feedback on an existing design, Universal Graphics can help. We also offer competitive prices and the highest quality printing in the area.

Get an Eye-Catching Flyer with Universal Graphics

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