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Postcards Enhance Your Business

When we think of postcards we might think about the mass-produced images of touristy places we received from grandparents. The truth is that postcards have so much more potential to be used in a variety of creative ways for promotion, connection, and branding.

Postcards have a long history and have been used as charming ways of communication since the early 1900’s. Their unique ability to establish personal connections and reach out to people go way back. The Golden Age of postcards in the United States took place in the early twentieth century when many Americans collected these quaint mailing items and used them to send special messages to loved ones and love prospects. Since then, postcards have evolved and established a reputation as effective marketing tools.

Why Get Postcards

There are a variety of ways to use postcards to enhance your business. The main appeal of the postcard is their great capacity for showcasing creative, unique, and elegant designs or images that represent your business. At the same time, they are great for sending target messages to your audience in a personalized way.

Universal Graphics is ready to help you design your next postcard. Some of the main uses of postcards include:

Our Postcard Services

Whether you need 100 or 500 postcards, we’ve got you covered! Get them in full color or two color. Choose a matte, uncoated, or gloss paper. Each one has its own special qualities. We can print them in standard sizes such as mini postcards, large postcards, or custom postcards. Universal Graphics also creates custom designs for your postcard.

Size Options

Standard Postcard Sizes Mini Large Custom

Color Options

Colors are important as they play a vital role in your graphic design. We have plenty of color options to choose from including:

Full-Color Front: Two Color Front: One-Color Front:

Coating Options

Choose a coating to get a soft and shiny finish or a more classic look. Each choice has its own special characteristics. Choose from:

Custom Designs

Our talented graphic artists are ready to help you design your next postcard. Whether you want to advertise a promotion, your business, or a specific service or product, we will design it to better represent your business.

Direct Mailing

For all of your mailing needs, Universal Graphics has you covered. Mailing out your custom postcards is a great way to reach out to new and loyal customers. Our advanced mail presort technology allows us barcode and presort your mail according to 3 and 5 digit ZIP codes. Presorted mail is easier and faster for the USPS to process. The ease of processing allows the Postal Service to charge us, and you, less postage.

We get you the best possible postage rates, whether you are sending first-class or standard mail. We use high-speed sorting machines and recognition systems that are very similar to the ones used by the Postal Service. We can CASS certify your mail, spray barcodes, if necessary, and sort mail into the most accurate 'final destination' ZIP code. Once sorted by ZIP, the mail is put into trays and presented to the USPS for mailing at a discounted rate on your behalf.

Why Choose Universal Graphics?

Universal Graphics has more than twenty years of experience serving business owners in the El Paso and Southwest area. We help businesses tell their story, represent their brand, and connect with customers through a variety of printed materials.

Reach Out to Your Customers in Style with Universal Graphics

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